Thursday, February 17, 2011

Broadside Basement Sessions - Episode 1

With absolute delight, I am proud to be able to post the first full version of the Broadside Basement Sessions, with Jay Berndt of Moto Destructo Studios. This project has been a long road in the making and damn if I don't feel proud as all hell, to see Jay assemble an amazing ensemble of musicians, to create a vibe based solely upon the measured sum of its parts and how great they all gel together.

The Broadside Basement Sessions are an ongoing project, so check our YouTube page, Jay's Facebook page or this here blog to find out about updates. Each session will involve a revolving cast of musicians and the songs will eventually be available through itunes for immediate download after each session goes live. Look for upcoming episodes with a few musicians you might have heard of. More details on that soon and trust us when we say you might not quite believe who might pop up in a Broadside Basement Session.

Rusty Knuckles on YouTube