Monday, February 21, 2011

She Rides - Write Up on Metal Army

With the new ep coming out world wide tomorrow we are getting word of solid reviews from many places. What the hell are yall waiting for, dig into She Rides! Buy the album from our store now, or wait until tomorrow and download from Itunes and numerous stores world wide.

"Displaying marked improvement from their early material-which was already pretty damn good-the latest EP from Providence’s She Rides pretty much presents the band as ready-and-fucking-able to take on the world with their hardcore-influence brand of hard rock swagger.

To be fair, the four tunes here on Buy the Ticket do their share at making sure most of the hardcore influences have be boiled out of the band’s music, replaced with a far more melodic, twin guitar sensibility reminiscent of Thin Lizzy. This is best displayed on the EP’s semi-self titled opening track, “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” which is by far the band’s best tune yet. Combining fist-raising harmonies and hair-raising aggression, the song embodies both the classic rock stateliness for which She Rides seems to be seeking, while also affirming the band’s ever-present punk rock roots.

Indeed, punk rock is still very much a factor here with She Rides, and this is affirmed more so on “Party In the Piss Kitchen,” an older song which seems to proclaim the band’s desire to go on an all night bender with Turbonegro than any luxurious, 70s rock tour bus ride.

“Oh Providence” brings things back to the Thin Lizzy tip-again with excellent dual guitar work-before ending things on an epic note with “Woah Dude!,” a nice, anthemic way to close things out, again featuring a nice riff arsenal.

Buy the Ticket is by far the best thing She Rides has done yet; a righteous, affirmative balancing of the band’s musical dedication and death-by-party ethos.

Rating: A"

Written by MetalGeorge