Thursday, February 17, 2011

Biker Metric - Rusty Knuckles Writeup

Thanks to Trent over at Biker Metric for thinking of us and doing a solid writeup on all we do, here is the post in it entirety.
do you like music? do you like rock-n-roll music? how about hillbilly agro? or simple one-man-and-his-guitar tunes? do you understand that johnny cash was the first punk rocker? 

then you will dig rusty knuckles.

and i haven't gotten to the motorcycle part yet.

rusty knuckles is a custom merchandise company and a record label which reflects the bands and lifestyle which exemplify the mindset of, um, fuck you, you god damned yuppie prick.

or something like that. i made the last part up. rusty will let me know if it isn't true.

their mindset is punk rock, fuck you if you hate, and be aware that dichotomy is violence vs. poems paraphrased from jesus. it is the world we live in and rusty knuckles produces the green lady killers. they are two of my favorite bands from rusty's long list of kickass motherfucking music:

rusty knuckles promotes bands and musicians that kick ass. not over-produced crap for mass consumption that parents of teenagers approve of because they are too busy calling psychiatrists seeking medication for the kids they'd rather drug than become involved with.

have you ever contemplated, "should i spend my last five bucks on food or on getting more fucked up?" i have. and as i write this the last inch of my 40 ouncer is being guzzled through a throat dionysus would envy.

rusty knuckles bands has contemplated that great dilemma, and this is what happened.

all bands should own their music and rusty works directly with each band to bring forth the vision they feel within them. they don't tell them what to do. rusty finds what the band wants to be.

rusty knuckles is currently working with crank county daredevils:

leroy virgil:

hellbound glory:


jay berndt:

she rides:

and the green lady killers. yeah. you wanna fuck them. i bet they don't care.

you gotta band? rusty knuckles designs, markets from print to social media, album packaging, custom garments and brand outreach blah blah blah. you have something real and true, go to rusty knuckles and prove it.

rusty digs clients from the custom motorcycle, hotrod and entertainment industry and brags of past clients from tom waits, the boston celtics, ufc, the chicago bulls, hurley clothing, mtv, and others too numerous to brag about since the bragging was just done.

them's braggin' rights. i'm diggin. even though the celtics and bulls suck.

trent = PHX suns fan.

if rusty knuckles isn't busy working on new ideas, drawing band shirt designs, or creating album packaging, they are downstairs wrenching on their ever-increasing array of custom motorcycles and plotting the next road trip.

here is a pic from tim bradham 's shop, dresch frame:

and if you're hiting sxsw this march, hit the dirty dog to see these bands:

also, while in austin, drunk and hungry, get your food anywhere but casino el caminio. go to franks, or the jackalope. eat more and pay less without the attitude from people who are all from l.a. and the northwest who pretend they're locals and act like you're lucky to be in their bar.

plus, rats won't have run over your burger the night before when the meat was left out. how do i know? i opened that place for 20 months. eat rat meat like it's chicken, pay eight bucks for it, or go somewhere else.

if you do go just to get the vibe of "how to get ripped off" ask bartender joe lifto when was the last time he got a boner. tell the owner, casino, he's a crook and i'm coming for him.

goodness. revenge makes me want to put a sweater on 'cause i'm chilly.

but hey, everybody who works there can tell you who is there to buy a twenty bag of half-assed coke from. so they've got that going for them.

not that you want to do that. if you mention my name they will tell you i'm a liar and a drunk. only half of that is true. so, from the dirty dog, walk up 1/2 block on neches from this concert to visit lovejoy's. it's nice there. the real bikers are there. you can tell by the machines parked in front.

as for the dirty dog, the bar with the stage that will be playing all of rusty's bands? they are cool with me. you might even see a large bikerMetric banner hanging from the rafters from the party we had there last summer.

now for something about revolution:

"some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them; whereas they are not only different, but have different origins. society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. the one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. the first is a patron, the last a punisher."
 - thomas paine, "common sense"

rusty knuckles produces artists who understand this principle.

now for more motorcycles. ralph, the man behind rusty knuckles, built a wicked troublemaker out of a rare honda cb650. yes cb650. according to ralph, he "had a bitch of a time finding parts and had to make quite a bit of shit to get it right."

that's what it's all about. fighting and getting it right.