Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jesse Morris - San Francisco's Best Street Musician

What could be better than having life smack ya up side of the head and coming full circle. My buddy Jimmy was talking about a band he recently starting working with and for me to give them a listen. As soon as I heard it, I responded back without even looking, thinking shit, I know this voice.

The distinct resonance and of course the similarities to Johnny Cash make it easy on the ears, but I really knew this voice. Funny enough many days I would come in through the Montgomery Bart Station in downtown San Francisco and ol' Jesse Morris was in the station playing his tunes. Damn if those songs didn't make me stop and just listen, many a time. Here we are years later and once again I am stopped in my tracks by the best damn street musician in all of San Francisco. Thank you Jesse for making those shite mornings when I couldn't be lane splitting on my Buell to work and had to take the train. Getting off at the station I was always stoked to hear those pipes amidst the perfect acoustics of the BART and MUNI trains.