Friday, February 11, 2011

Flat Tires - Payin Dues, Review From Captain Poon

This review came in a while back and is translated from Spanish. Damn ya gotta love the first line of this review!

Review on Captain Poon

"Flat Tires is the best band that has understood that Rock & Roll is the villain, that it is impossible to stop chanting, ideal for blending with alcohol and surely must be the "Fiesta" in capital letters if you are lucky enough to see them direct.

Pure Redneck Music, mixing R & R of 50 with Punk and Country, a Nine Pound Hammer by storm (if a friend, I said to the beast), with a frontman, Clint, I could be wrong with the Matanza Texas and will certainly not disappoint in terms of attitude and pose.

Three bars, a fun guitar and a powerful rhythm section is able to soothe the existence of a superhuman way, and if we add that voice cazallera and catchy melodies make the band the Flat Tires ideal.

Of course not ask for anything new and sophisticated, these guys make Jack Daniel's their bible and fat for food and gasoline, and only you can make the claim that 110% of your Saturday night, left for other nonsense.

It will never be the band that defend against your friends for their quality, but after listening, sure to be the band you'll always have on hand to cheer you put the batteries and life, able to make these punks blush as punks, with topics such as "Hypocrite" in which Mr Lewis appears cooked and encocado cazalla to the eyebrows.

Without doubt, this is just R & R, not that I like is that I love it, the kick in the ass and victim on the chin, which you say .... "Pussy, that I've heard, if ... Host , then no ... "but you go all the soul and will not leave.

Just released his new album, called "Freeborn" and I can assure you is a jewel in the rough, as rough as they are and so animal as hell, if you want my advice for once .... Grab all their records not miss a single one, not a single split, this is the fucking devil's music and the rest is pussy music."