Tuesday, February 22, 2011

She Rides - Album Review on Adequacy.net

Another solid review just came in for She Rides. Hells yes, we couldn't agree more with the review and stoked for all of their upcoming shows.

"Loud, dirty, punk rock thrown in with some bluesy, sweaty rock n roll equals She Rides. They leave a lingering taste that you’ll find hard to get rid of but will enjoy having around anyway. Their new EP Buy the Ticket is a no frills slice of pure rock, with four slabs of meaty noise, riffs, screaming guitars, and taunting vocals. The band challenges that if you are not here to enjoy yourself then get out of the way because there is nothing stopping their full on assault.

With notorious live shows that grabbed them support slots with the likes of Everytime I Die, Cancer Bats and Gallows, “how does their live energy convert to recordings?” was my thought going into this. The Rhode Island guys do not disappoint; the opening track “Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride” storms out of the blocks, driving guitars riding on a throbbing bassline as vocalist Dan Brown delivers bourbon soaked words dripping from his mouth.

The best way I can describe She Rides is to take a shot of Motorhead and a bit of The Bronx with a sometimes splatter of Thin Lizzy, make it messy with plenty of booze and body fluids and let it soak in. “Party In The Piss Kitchen” kind of sums it up and is one wicked tune, the highlight of the EP by far. “Oh Providence” and “Woah Dude!” make up the rest of the release, again both unrelenting assaults on your nerves and ears but leaving you wanting more and wishing this as an album instead of an EP.

She Rides may not be particularly original or ground breaking, but for good honest in-your-face rock n’ roll there cannot be many better around."

  - Ringmaster