Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Is ANTiSEEN Really Only Worth $219 US Dollars?

The beauty of Google Alerts is the random emails you get, when the chosen key words you select to follow are emailed back, as they pop up on web related searches. This in essence, is how all content is found, marketed and talked about online, simply through key word searches. 

Funny enough an email just came through via some aggregator site that states "Antiseen Page is unknown on a global scale. Global rank position of Antiseen is 6,293,297. Estimated value of the antiseen.com is $219 USD." 

Maybe Clayton and crew should roll up to their offices and proceed to do a show invasion in which they play while fans smash up the offices and the web arbiter nerds hide in fear of Destructo Punk. That video would then go viral and surely make them "known" on a global scale, while also driving up their page value. Alpha Male is what we need right now!

See for yourself, check out WebArbiter.com