Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hellbound Glory's Old Highs & New Lows - 5 Star Review From Holland

It looks like the folks over in Europe are chomping at the bit to get their fix of some scumbag country. They are looking to be over there later this year or early next, stay tuned for the Hellbound invasion!

Hellbound Glory's sound takes up where the original outlaw country singers left off! Self proclaimed as a Scumbag Country band these guys bring you some tradional country in a way country should be played. Think Hank III for that matter. Outlaw country, bits and pieces of bluegrass, some rockabilly and some honky tonk all blended into a simple sound, with simple lyrics. But face it, that's not the kind of music Nashville is producing anymore. Nevertheless the band is for the past three years on a continue touring shedule and has performed all over the USA in large venues and local dance halls.

Their sound is country as said already and the lyrics are done in the same traditional way Hank williams or Merle Haggard did them. Still everything sounds fresh and modern! Tunes like Why Take the pain (when I can take my pills), Hank Williams Records or One Way Track Marks defines the complete sound of this album. Songs about living the hard life of boozing, drugs, broken hearts and thoughts of suicide all of course brought with a big smile and some humor inherent in this life on the edge. Hard Livin Man is true cow-punk with major influences from bluegrass, while Slow Suicide takes us back to a typical country tearjerker. To Broke to Overdose and the Hiram Williams tune I'm Leavin Now are closing down this great album.

Old Highs & New Lows is truly fascinating country album done in the tradition of Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. Brought to you by some rookies who still think country music can be captivating and who self produced their album, Hellbound Glory is one of those bands who make a difference in music!

Out early January 2011.

Mr. Blue Boogie