Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hellbound Glory Needs More Air Time, Want To Help?

Hellbound Glory has been getting spun on Sirius Outlaw Country, but we need to push for more airtime and get them on other radio stations including FM stations around the country. You might think that after being voted as Album of the Year by Saving Country Music for 2010, that would open up quite a few more doors, but we need your help.

Currently I am putting together a list of stations that might air their music, but we need the masses help on this one. We as a group can make it happen but we have to get past the Nashville crap that is forced down on stations or simply bypass them. If you know of college or alternative country stations that want to play real country, send along some contact info. 

We as a label can get in contact with the DJ's and put the music in their hands. Or just send them a link to facebook or this blog link, the songs are embedded and can play anywhere. Thanks to Shooter Jennings for spinning them this past weekend once again.

Sirius XM Country Channels to contact

Outlaw Country - 88-OK-OUTLAW or outlawcountry@siriusxm.com
Willie's Place - 877-3WILLIE or WilliesPlace@siriusxm.com

Post up any info to help or how to get involved in the comments section on here or through Facebook.

Notable Quotes

“Leroy Virgil, frontman, singer, and songwriter for the band must be a tireless student of country music. His use of lyric is superb. He turns a phrase as good or better than any songwriter in the underground, or mainstream today. The way he constructs his songs is purely in the tradition of country music, but as fresh and relevant as anything else you will hear.” – Kyle Coroneos, SavingCountryMusic.com
 “One of the year’s best albums to date is Hellbound Glory’s Old Highs and New Lows…thanks to clever lyrics, irresistible energy, and a sound that pays tribute to country music’s past while still managing to sound modern.” – Juli Thanki, The 9513

“Guitars and drums for muscle, banjos rolling through like hellfire, steel licks showing up at all the right times, Virgil’s pliable whiskey-and-gravel croon always exactly where it needs to be. It’s a legitimately fun and rewarding listen.” – C. M. Wilcox, Country California