Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ANTiSEEN 30 Year Anniversary Show, Oct. 5th

October 5th, ANTiSEEN 30 Year Anniversary Show at The Tremont Music Hall Charlotte, NC
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"This weekend Charlotte’s Antiseen - internationally known originators of “Destructo Rock” - celebrates its 30th anniversary. Each day this week I’ve asked someone who has witnessed the controversial Southern punk stalwarts for much  longer and more intimately than I have to share their thoughts, memories, and impressions of the band (pictured from left Phil Keller, Sir Barry Hannibal, Jeff Clayton and Joe Young).

As you’ll find throughout the week, Antiseen leaves an impression whether it’s the legendary live shows that on many nights include Clayton incorporating hardcore wrestling antics - hurling himself through a flaming table covered in tacks, for instance - or Young’s chainsaw guitars, the tongue-in-cheek lyrics, or the mighty aggressive spirit. I first saw Antiseen open for the Ramones at The Ritz on Independence in 1995. I’d been in Charlotte less than a year and had no clue what I was in for. Much to my Ramones-obsessed 4-year-old’s dismay I remember more about Jeff Clayton waving the Confederate flag and bleeding all over the stage than I do about the Ramones.

Antiseen’s Antiversary show returns to Tremont Music Hall Friday and Saturday. The group headlines Saturday with fellow veterans the Meatmen and Kentucky’s the Hookers. Doors at 8 p.m. both nights. Tickets are $10 Friday and $15 Saturday.

Our first contributor is fellow Charlotte musician Jeff Williams of the Dead Kings and Biggy Stardust and his Wretched Hive. The latter plays Friday's Antiseen Antiversary Pre-show Party with Judas Bullethead, the Chalkies, Lucifer Jones, and Powerball. 

“In the fall of 1998, I accompanied Antiseen to Philadelphia, PA for their 15th anniversary show at the Nicks. At this point in time I was fresh to the camp.  My official reason for going with them was that I had printed a book for their label Baloney Shrapnel Records that celebrated their first 15 years.  I was going to deliver the product and to receive payment.  But honestly I was just excited as hell to be going to Philly and to see a huge event such as an Antiseen anniversary.  The reason they had the show in Philly was, at the time, Charlotte had become an unfriendly place for them to play. But in Philadelphia they have always drawn big, excited crowds.  I remember pulling into town. You could feel the buzz.  As we walked around South Philly, people would come up and talk about it. This kind of vibe didn't exist in Charlotte, and really, still doesn't. So it was new to me.

By show time, the energy in the room was electric. After being musically assaulted by the great Hellstomper, barely surviving the skinhead onslaught that ensued during Limecell, and being schooled by the late, great Cosmic Commander of Wrestling as he fronted the legendary Rancid Vat....emotions and excitement were at an all-time high as my hometown boys from Charlotte walked on stage to the sound of Joe Young's signature feedback.  I had spent many nights before this night going to punk rock and death metal shows here in town. Nothing had previously prepared me for the whirlwind of beer, blood, busted teeth, and broken glass that I found myself caught in the middle of.  I THOUGHT I knew loud.  I THOUGHT I knew aggressive. I THOUGHT I knew confrontational.  It wasn't until this point that I realized that everything before that I liked was part of a formula, whereas these guys were coming at you straight from the gut - no filler, nothing conceptual, just raw power in its most aggressive form.

Now, I've seen dozens, if not hundreds of Antiseen shows over the next 15 years. But to this day no memory has stuck with me more vividly than this life changing show in Philly. I blame and credit the dynamic duo of Clayton/Young for raising the bar as high as it is.  And should be!”