Saturday, October 26, 2013

Walt Siegl - Designer and Intellectual Provocateur For Two Wheeled Greatness

Watl Siegl - motorcycle designer and intellectual provocateur for two wheeled greatness
A few years back I happened across some of the builds from Walt Siegl and they struck me in a unique way. Many bikes are assembled from a menagerie of parts and reconfigured to have a unique stance and profile. The bikes that come from Walt's shop seem to breathe new life and in a way that begs the viewer to walk in circles around the machine. You begin to take in all the nuances which is visage of pure functionality, yet could double as a sculpture in any high end gallery. Viewing works by craftsmen like this make me realize there is still so much to learn.

View more of Walt Siegl's creations on Flickr

Puma / Walt Siegl from Adam Weiss on Vimeo.