Monday, October 7, 2013

ANTiSEEN's 30 Year Antiversary Party

Antiseen brought one hell of a great time to the Tremont Music Hall this past Saturday night for their 30 Year Anniversary
A plethora of words could be written about how great Antiseen's 30th Anniversary party was at the Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte this past saturday night. Instead of waxing poetic, Jeff Clayton sums it up best below and I am still left with a shit eatin' grin over how much fun was had. Stoked to have been able to get out and chat with friends from far and wide and to know that punk rock will always be a communal bridge to bring folks together. All hail the mighty Antiseen!

From Jeff, Joe , Barry and Phil:

To all of our friends, fans & family that attended the 30 Year Antiversary show last night…….We just want to thank you so much for the years and years of support and for all the love and respect you showed us last night and Friday as well. Maybe a lot of bands say this, but when we say it there is always concrete proof as to why I feel it is 100% genuine when we say that our fans are the best in the world!!! I have no idea how much longer ANTiSEEN will continue but I can promise you this……we will put no shelf date on it and we’ll keep going as long as we feel we can still give you the show we are known for putting on. It still amazes us to know that so many of you travel from all points worldwide to come celebrate with us. We are truly humbled.

Thanks to all the bands that played over the weekend. What an honor it was to have the MEATMEN Tesco Vee and the HOOKERS Adam Neal play on the show with us! Thanks to our crew ( Russ Ward, Kerrie Clayton, Lyndzee Nash, and Rebecca Stiff) and to all the former members who came out for the meet and greet.( Tripp McNeill Joseph Williams Jon Bowman Steve Sadler, Doug Throgmorton,

Doug Canipe , Thomas O'Keefe , Greg Clayton) The fans really got a kick out of meeting you and they still love you guys even though you are not on “active duty” with us anymore and it meant a lot to Joe and I.

As expected, it became pretty emotional talking about Devin & Cosmo and wishing they were there…..we know you guys love and miss them too.

It was hard having to give the announcement that Phil Keller will be leaving. We’ve known about this for awhile but just waited until last night to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. We hate to lose him but wish him well in any and ALL of his future projects and life in general. You were a real trooper for this band Phil… will never be forgotten. Thanks to Lisa Barr and John Hayes and all the Tremont crew. Special thanks to the sound team of Dave & Zach who made it sound INCREDIBLE all weekend!! Tremont truly is our home in Charlotte and the staff are like family to us.

We are extremely fortunate to have everybody in this list backing us up and to the many out there who could not attend. You make it all worth it. Every bit of it!"

Antisee smokin' the stage with special guest, the GG Allin head
Tesco Vee and the Meatmen never fail to deliver for the last three decades themselves
It's been almost 14 years since I last saw the Hookers and damn are they great
Antiseen's back drop for their 30th year anniversary show with the Meatmen and the Hookers