Saturday, October 5, 2013

Witness A Wall Of Death In India

Witnessing a wall of death is equivalent to a right of passage for motorized events. In the US, seeing this stunt is usually only at biker rally's and there are only a few individuals who actually still perform on this vertical wall on a regular basis.

Understanding that this wall of death is based in India just seems to have a different level of crazy to it and therefore makes it that much more compelling to view. Life is all about taking risks and watching these guys do it on such a gnarly level without blinking an eye is a testament to human spirit. Thankfully daredevils like these are alive and well. This gives me hope that maybe the wussification of America is just a passing fad.

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Want more history on the Wall of Death?

"This fantastic bit of filmmaking blends music video and documentary in a new clip for British rock group Django Django’s 2010 track WOR. The subjects of the video are Allahabad’s Well of Death riders who risk life and limb daily to earn money at local melas (fairs) by driving cars and motorcycles inside a temporary cylindrical structure about 25 feet high and 30 feet across. The cars are held in the air by centripetal force and needless to say there’s very little room for error. The Well of Death is extremely risky for both performers and audience members, but regardless, it frequently draws a huge crowd as evidenced in this video. Directed by Jim Demuth, based on an original concept by Vincent Neff. More music video documentaries, please."