Saturday, October 5, 2013

Reno Divorce North East Tour 2013 Part 1

Reno Divorce is a three week tour concentrating in the north east and northern part of the midwest of the US. From all reports the tour is going over like gang busters. I was fortunate enough to have hopped on the road with the fellas earlier this year while they cruised around the south east and one element that left an indelible mark on me is how they function like a well oiled machine. 

Each band member knows his duty for the road machine to keep on trucking and these dudes work. Hard work, long hours and being stuck in a van for countless miles is par for course, but what these guys bring to the stage after that is damn powerful. Huge shout out to Brent, Tye, Johnny and Ruben for kicking ass and holding their heads high. This is how it's done!

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Brent hangin' with some new friends on the road
One of the hardest working dudes I know, Tye has his game face on
Brent and Tye giving the thumbs up
Lover's Leap is on 12" vinyl and in record stores
Wall of guitars at Elderly Music
Johnny doesn't need a wallet, he has ear holes for that
Sioux Guitars posters featuring Cheetah Chrome, The Humpers and Reno Divorce
Johnny and Ruben on the steps of Elderly Instruments
Making new fans on the road is what its all about
Brent is always gregarious and down for the cause