Friday, October 25, 2013

Need More Metal Flake In Your Life?

Roth Metal Flake spray paint
One thing that can be tough to find in a spray can is good metal flake paint. Quite a few basic colors are available in silvers from most auto parts stores, but the more exotic colors are a bit tougher to come across. We have had a few projects where adding some nice touches of color metal flake would have been great, but the only options were from Duplicolor and of course there was no variety. 

Options are a beautiful thing to have in life and knowing that Roth Metal Flake now offers a variety of colors in spray paint, we couldn't be happier. Well, maybe if the prices were in line with Duplicolor, we could smile a bit more. None the less, variety is the spice of life and go seek them out for a multitude of options as from all the posts on the Jalopy Journal, seems to be a great product.

Roth Academy Episode 1: Rattlebomb Basics from Roth Metal Flake on Vimeo.