Monday, October 14, 2013

Rusty Knuckles, Van Sessions Interview Series No. 1 - Featuring J.B. Beverley

Van Sessions - Interview Series no. 1 featuring J.B. Beverley, Darren Waters and Merritt Robertson
One of the great things in life that will out last all of us is a good story. With constant travel and meeting many folks far and wide, we decided that an in house interview series is just what the doctor called for. 

Knowing that we may not have the perfect location at all times for the interviews, we deduced that one item would allow for consistency. Commercial and passenger vans are a constant way of travel for bands and will allow for a unique way of filming the interviews. These short flicks aren't meant to be overly edited or too far in depth, but rather focus on a series of questions and to be able to show the plethora of individuals that come across our path. Van Sessions no. 1 will be uploaded to youtube this Friday and will feature J.B. Beverley.

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