Friday, October 18, 2013

The Continuing Saga Of Leroy Virgil's Guitar

Earlier this year, we posted up a batch of photos in which Leroy Virgil of Hellbound Glory, just so happened to leave his guitar behind at the Shore Road Tavern in Philadelphia. Since it stayed back in Philly, every single band rollin' through the place has had a chance to play it, while staying in the apartment upstairs. Leave it Mike Fiedler to never miss a great opportunity to make something cool happen. 

Check out the first batch of photos

Here is round two of the photos.

Awesome Bill Dorsey striking a chord
Billy Don Burns and Leroy Virgil's guitar
Brad Carr of Cutthroat Shamrock and Leroy Virgil's guitar
Brook Blanche of the Calamity Cubes
Brownbird Rudy Relic
Dave Dufrane of the Spastiks, NYC
Derek McRotten of Cutthroat Shamrock and Leroy Virgil's guitar
Dusty Rust of Johnny Outlaw and the Johnson Creek Stranglers
Henry Berger of S.S. Web
Jesse Roderick of Filthy Still
Kody Oh of the Calamity Cubes
Luca Fiorini of the The Spastiks, NYC
Marcus Bunch of Cutthroat Shamrock
Matt Olson of Filthy Still
Mighty Junior of Yankee Cockfight
Olds Sleeper
Orb Mellon strumming Leroy Virgil's guitar
Scrimmy Boucher of Yankee Cockfight
Sean Secor of Tex Railer's Boomtown
Saint Christopher
Tim Gagne of the Spastiks, NYC
Tim V. of Tex Railers Doomtown