Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One Huge Coyote Howls In The Desert

Photo from Flickr: Digital-Dreams
Many a time I had the chance to go out to Burning Man, while spending a decade back in northern California, but I never made the trek out to the playa. Not for a lack of interest in the festival but I just had too many other things cookin' at the time and also a bit burnt out on festivals after working numerous ones for quite a few years. 

Looking back though I have always had an interest in the events around the gathering. Not so much in the party vibe or seeking out a religious awakening, but more of an interest in all of the elements used to create the atmosphere known as Burning Man. 

It could be the yearly burn of the temple created for the one week event or checking out the incredible coyote inspired sculpture by Bryan Tedrick, but I always dig around checking out the sculptures. What I enjoy most is the scale on which some of these pieces are built. They are large and in charge and have to be that way in order to be seen across the wide expanse of the Nevada desert.

Maybe one of these years I will venture out for a few days and finally check out the cult of Burning Man.

Section of Bryan Tedrick's coyote sculpture for Burning Man 2013
Massive steel coyote head sculpture
Bryan Tedrick's monumental coyote designed for display at Burning Man 2013