Thursday, September 3, 2009

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

BRMC is a band that I was first at odds with, then came to appreciate to no end. When they were starting to get recognition they blew up out of nowhere in the local San Francisco scene. They went from playing Bottom Of The Hill, to headlining The Great American Music Hall to headlining European tours. Maybe it helped that the Brian Jonestown Massacre was a former band for one of the members but their music is truly what took them places quick, fast and in a hurry. Whether it be their dark fuzzed out rock anthems or their heart on their sleeve songs such as "Devil's Waitin'", every album of theirs is a perfect road trip record. They are truly one of the bands that feel epic from one album to the next. I guess its a BRMC kinda day, after this song try on "Ain't No Easy Way" or "Spread Your Love" to get the much larger ambient vibe. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club