Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HotRod Hoedown - Bensalem, PA

Finally got a chance to edit and fix up the photos from the Hotrod Hoedown outside of Philly, in Bensalem Pennsylvania. Was a killer event to check out and will do my best to make it again next year. Not as many bikes as I would have hoped, but there were some bitchin' rides that rolled through. The most interesting aspect of the entire event was the random vehicles that showed up. Granted the weather wasn't great until sunday and that's when the show cars started to arrive. I have never seen such a mixup of vehicles except at an auction. From four wheel drive jacked up El Camino's to show trucks to army vehicles, all were in the back lot. Also, it was a great mix of people, from artisans using junked parts to the folks that simply enjoy attending car events and of the course the Rockabilly people that were in force for the music. Great hospitality to boot, so I will make it official, Hotrod Hoedown 2010, here we come!
HotRod Hoedown