Sunday, September 20, 2009

Maxton, NC - Land Speed Racing

Throughout the week the weather had been looking like a rainy weekend so I made other plans for saturday, but was holding out on getting down to Maxton to watch some land speed racing. Weather ended up turning out to be beautiful so saturday was spent working on the wiring on the cb650 cafe chop. Today I got up early and rolled on down to Maxton for some racing. Trevor, my newest riding pal, and I made quick time bolting down 95 with little to no traffic. But unfortunately a lot of folks were already heading out from the course as it turns out saturday is the big day of the meet. Next month we will definitely roll in the first day so we can catch some of the killer machines that are running and sitting in the pits. What I really dig about land speed racing is the wide array of bikes and cages that show up. Since you can run in so many different classes people arrive with all kinds of engineered rides to hopefully land a record in their class. The racers started to get blown out a bit with the wind but the fasted bike time I saw today was 217 mph. Dude was haulin ass and bike sounded like a severly pissed off hornet. Another group of guys were running tricked out S&S and Victory powered customs. If you closed your eyes they sounded just like a V8 roaring down the track. Truly a sight to behold.
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