Monday, September 28, 2009

New Artwork - Escape From Skull Mountain

As the biker movie theme series continues on, our latest black and white illustration is going to be entitled "Escape From Skull Mountain". Its always fun to sketch and with the ongoing series starting to get some attention we hope to continue it for some time. Final artwork should be finished later this week but a sneak peak will wet the appetite. At a time when its too damn easy to just begin artwork on a computer, we are preferring to go back in time and show how its supposed to be done. The ability to draw the human form is becoming a lost art and we aren't going to let that happen on our watch. Later next year we plan on doing a custom bike show and mix all the artwork from Rusty Knuckles along with the final clothing designs, to show the process. Looking forward to putting it all together so folks can understand just what we are about.
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