Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank you bike robber (Milwaukee, WI)

From Craigslist in Milwaukee, WI:

I would personally like to thank the robber who stole my motorcycle October 2008. I thought this would be a huge burden but it turned out the best for me. I found a really sweet deal on a different motorcycle that didnt have nearly as many problems as that one.

I thought for sure my bike was shipped to a different city or at the very least sold for parts as it has been 11 months! But no. You sir decided to keep it in the city. Thanks to the MKE police they found my motorcycle this past week and it was fully working. Oh and remember all those problems with my old bike? Now this is where the thank you's come about: I was in desperate need of new tires on that bike. I was waiting for winter season to change the tires but you stole my bike before I could do that. Thanks for putting brand new tires on my bike! That windshield I had was complete shit. I didnt like it one bit and neither did you, so thanks for changing the windshield as well. My brakes....those werent too hot either. That was a big expense waiting to happen. But you were nice enough to fix that as well. I really appreciate all the work you did for me and as I usually say, you really didnt have to. Now the only thing I could not stand was that you painted my sweet ass blue bike (people always complimented on the color) to orange. While orange is one of my favorite colors it is something I would not paint my bike. And last, thanks for filling up my gas tank. I knew it was on empty when you stole it but again your nice guy tactics decided to fill it up for me.

I should probably check to see if you did other work for me and update this post later.

Dont try to steal it again as I have moved and now a security person on site 24/7.

Now I have two bikes and I get to decide which bike I want to ride that day. And you got to pay for all the expenses mentioned above plus prosecution from the police. Maybe you should think twice about what your doing and be helpful to society.