Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dual Engine Triumph Chop

Spotted this bike at this years Smoke Out East down here in North Carolina. The Bike was built by the fellas over at Fly Rite Choppers and I surely thought they would win the chop off. The guy who won built a killer ride but how often do you get to see a dual motor chop that is fully functioning and has style? I don't think that often. Wish I could have heard it fire up but I just dug the setup on the primary linkage and the chain tensioner. Had to have quite a few long nights in the shop to get all the measurements right on the setup. With the new Horse mag in the mail today it looks like they are taking submissions for the latest round of Amateur Chop Off. Been thinking about throwing my hat into the ring, but need to configure a parts list for the Buell cafe chop in question and see if its even feasible. More on that soon. Will post photos and sketches of what I have in mind.