Monday, September 7, 2009

Raleigh Rumble - Bike Show

Damn, what a great event! Have to give a lot of thanks to Ton-Up NC for putting on such a great event and to all the bikers that showed up with some incredible pieces of iron. I love these small shows as everyone gets to talking and talking about their bikes and upcoming projects. Its a collective gathering of like minded folks and a hotbed of ideas for the next builds to come. For all those folks that I spoke with, sure as hell glad to meet ya, lets ride! And for all the folks I wish I could have talked to more, lets rally again soon for a ride or to share info on projects.

Also a big special thanks goes out to Marilyn Stemp for the photo shoot on my cafe build. It was an honor for her to shoot the bike and thanks again. Will be posting those photos when she sends them over. Hopefully cafe chop will be finished by then as well, just waiting on some final electrical components and my water jet cut out tank badges.
Also if anyone has a link of more photos posted online from the event please let me know so I can add it here. I did my usual, got talking to so many folks and never got around to taking photos of the event.