Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Mountain Run - Let's Roll

As we are about to embark on another Big Mountain Run I always get excited about hittin' the roads and knowing my bike is running smooth. This run is about one thing most of all and that is ridin'. Its a refreshing approach as folks come in from far and wide, all on bikes to make it happen. Trailers just don't seem to apply as you missed out some of the country's best roads just getting there and plus that's just not what its really about.

Its over 400 miles from our home base to the campsite, so that aspect alone cuts out 95% of anyone on two wheels who would make the journey. To hell with a bar hopper or a weekend bike, build something to ride anywhere at any time or buy a bike that you know you can roll to any event with. Who cares what make, model or builder set it up, ride the damn thing and enjoy it. Life is about the journey, so hit the road, take some photos and build up more stories for the campfire.

See ya on the other side...

Casa de Rusty Knuckles