Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hellbound Glory - Whiskey Kiss - New Track

We need to give a solid shout out to Aaron Riddle for posting up some video footage of Hellbound Glory performing a new song on the road last week at the Brass Rail. Shooting acoustic or more "quiet" bands is easy to do with smart phone cameras or the compact Flip cameras as they pick up the sound and overall vibe perfectly. This new track entitled Whiskey Kiss is a damn great track and we are all really looking forward to the new album.

"This is a video I shot of one of my favorite bands playing a small, intimate show at an amazing bar called The Brass Rail. The lighting was perfect and being able to capture footage for the first time and having control over the focus and zoom settings was pretty kickass. I bought this camera for my girlfriend to take pictures with but after alittle bit of research found out that it also takes some nice video! So this clip here is mostly me just fucking around and experimenting as it's the first time I've ever recorded on anything other than a cellphone or shitty flip camera. Enjoy!" - Aaron Riddle

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