Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Englanders Unite - She Rides Video Shoot

We have some big plans in the works for potentially an amazing triple header for a show this July in Providence, RI. When we say "big plans" how does shooting a video sound and one that you can be a part of? Yes, that's right, get your mug emblazoned on the screen to be seen world wide on everyone's favorite tv channel, youtube. The rowdy ones in She Rides have been concocting a scheme to get us to roll up north and make a live video happen. Funny part is that they didn't have to twist our arm too hard or threaten to sign with Jay Z and start wearing fur coats and Kangols.

Here is what we are thinking and if all goes according to plan this should be quite bitchin'. The show is going to go down in Providence, RI around mid July and on a saturday night. The line up is She Rides with potential openers from down here in the dirty south, who will  melt faces and make you sweat like the heat in a caged jar of southern humidity. Still waiting to confirm a few details but its lookin' like its a go. Once we know the exact date and club, most likely the 201 in Providence, we will provide all the details.

We are suggesting you get there early as this show will sell out and guess what, we are thinking about having a pre-parking lot party or bike/car ride in to make this show even rowdier with local club the Daggers. Let's do this!

She Rides - Buy The Ticket by RustyKnuckles

She Rides - Party In The Piss Kitchen by RustyKnuckles