Friday, May 6, 2011

Jay Berndt Teaming Up With Waylon Jennings?

Word spreads fast in this day and age through text messaging, facebook, twitter and the old fashioned email. Hell, if someone had told us years ago that we could launch an entire brand and music label online, we would have told them to quit sippin' on the shine and get back to us when their head had recovered from the recent dehydration of quality beverage intake. 

Knowing the possibilities of mass communication and the fan devotion to country music heroes who did it right, our pal Jay Berndt is set to release a Waylon Jennings cover album. Ol' JB has been sitting on these tracks for a number of years, which were originally recorded as a Christmas gift to his wife. We have now decided to set them FREE to the masses as a download. Yep, you heard it right, the album will be FREE to download and holy shit if these aren't some smokin' renditions of some of Waylon's best work. Maybe some reviewers will finally get around to seeing how great Jay Berndt's voice is and how much of a presence he commands, being that he records, engineers, sings and plays every instrument. The track below is just a hint of what is about to be released.
Michael Chevalier who created the amazing packaging for the Sad Bastard Songs album will be on board to cook up the design along with a silk screen poster. We will also be shooting a video for one of the songs so stay tuned hombres, more to come on this project very soon and looking at a late June or early July release.

Jay Berndt - Cover Tune by RustyKnuckles