Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jay Berndt & The Brimstone Assembly - Ace of Spades, Motorhead Cover

A few years back, probably getting close to four years now, I pulled out some older cds and put them into the player and got busy working for the day. I found myself completely dumb founded and thought how the hell had I slept on one particular cd for a while. Not that I dismissed it, but how the hell was it not in my road trip discs right next to Appetite for Destruction, Avail's - Dixie, Social Distortion's - Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power and Metallica's - Ride the Lightning and many many more. That cd was by a band named Kilgore that ensnared me with their huge sound and even bigger vocals.

After listening to it several times back to back I figured I should look these dudes up and see if they are still playing. No dice on that end but it turns out they had some other project bands and one in particular was with the singer Jay Berndt in a band called the Brimstone Assembly along with another project called the Revival Preachers. I figured what the hell and emailed them hoping to get some insight into what they were up to these days. Out of a nowhere a friendship was struck online and Jay and I chatted music and eventually started working together when I formed Rusty Knuckles.

Dig into one of his covers from the Brimstone Assembly days, quite hard not to enjoy Ace Of Spades cover.