Monday, May 9, 2011

Rock N' Roll City Metro Map

There are maps to the stars homes, maps for amazing back country ridin' roads, there are maps on your smart phones and then there are maps that just trump everything. The Rock N' Roll Metro Map is pure imagination and damn if we can't thank Alberto Antoniazzi for being a clever designer and thinker for coming up with something this great. Here is his story on it:

"The Rock’n’roll Metro Map™ is a self-initiated project based on the idea of representing the various genres of rock’n’roll music as the lines of a subway system. Including more than 200 bands, the map is just a personal vision of the music history of the past decades and not a real visualization of it, that’s because the number of artists and influences are impossible to be visualized in a 100% objective way."

Check out Alberto's portfolio