Friday, May 27, 2011

Get In On The Action With Rusty Knuckles

Dearest friends, miscreants and scumbags, for those of you about to rock, please don't forget your cameras, cell phones or whatever it takes to send in images and video from past and present shows. We and the bands need your support to help keep the flame lit for this underground scene we call home. Huge shout out to Tams Higgins for mailing in a usb drive with footage of Flat Tires, Hellbound Glory and Ronnie Hymes jamming with JB Beverley. We will post as much as we can and put up the best footage. 

Sound sometimes doesn't turn out due to cameras small microphone, which allows all the tones to sound like mud. If ya really want the right sound from live shows, ask Mr. Soundman to give you a feed from the main sound board and put it on disc or usb drive. You might have to buy him/her a few drinks but it will be worth it and we will reward your good deeds. Also, the show in which the imagery stems from was a big show put on by our good pals over in the Road Devils Car Club. Pat Brown went out of his way to put on one hell of a shindig so we can't thank him enough along with the folks in Justified Defiance and LedSled Customs for rollin' over to the show.

For future submissions just send any content over to our post office box right here:

Rusty Knuckles
P.O. Box 40594
Raleigh, NC 27629

All photos copyright Tams Higgins, besides our split Harley tank on the ol' work bench.