Monday, May 16, 2011

Dime City Cycles Grand Opening Party

Over the weekend we drove the 1400 mile round trip to get down to sunny south Florida to hang out and represent our ideals at the Dime City Cycles grand opening party. It was done with a quickness and earlier in the week we had to score a new vehicle for all the shows this year, but we pulled it off.

Getting down to the deep south and being able to finally meet up with a lot of folks that we only know from linking up online, made it all worth while. Whether it was the monsoon rain that invaded the party early in the day, our 20 riders deep run around Largo and Clearwater filming for season 2 of Discovery Channel's "Cafe Racer TV" or just hanging out at the party with several hundred new friends, we can't thank Herm and Jason enough for throwing a great shindig. Not one too cool mofo in the bunch and damn was that refreshing. Everyone in the pack was a rider and rode solid together, which was also a rarity and welcome sight.

Instead of cramming all the evidence we have of the good times into one huge post, we will do postings for each group of folks to really show ya what they have going on. Look forward to reading about Dime City Cycles, Lowside Syndicate, Karnage Kustomz, Loser Machine, Ace Cafe London and quite a few more. Here are a few photos to show whats coming up.