Sunday, May 8, 2011

DirtBag Challenge - Best West Coast Chopper Event, Coming East?

Here at Rusty Knuckles we truly enjoy an equal playing field knowing that with two ears, two eyes and yet one voice, its mathematically in our favor, to see and hear more than we speak. This simple analogy is how we approach everything and specifically when it comes to all things mechanical. One can never know enough and there is always something to learn from everyone.

Taking this notion towards craigslists and used bike listings an event was started years back in our former stomping grounds of San Francisco. The folks who started the Dirtbag Challenge wanted to create an equal playing field of mechanical wizardry, low budgets and shade tree mechanic inspiration. What they created is truly a Mad Max motorcyclists' style wet dream and we cannot thank them enough for a killer event.

Forget expensive paint jobs, anything Harley related or bikes with a crazy raked out front end. These bikes are built for under a grand and meant to ride in the dense traffic of the Bay Area, thus meaning fast and reliable, yet dirty as all hell. That mindset warms our grease soaked hearts and stoked to have been to a few of the Challenges.

We are working on a similar event for the East Coast this year for our huge skate and music show on October 15th, right here in good ol' Raleigh, North Carolina. Hopefully by the end of next weekend or the following week we will be posting up the details and ticket info on the show and bike build contest we are putting together. Forget expensive bikes or something you wouldn't take a hacksaw to, this is about backyard ingenuity and mechanical know how. Start looking around for bikes under $800 bucks and gather together a couple of buddies as we are going to have a bitchin' good time with this. All photographs by Rebecca Hinden. 

Don't worry, we will be making a litany of posts and links for our big festival dates coming up. With last minute band additions, sponsors, etc. we are just about ready to announce the entire line up and event package. Also, for the Raleigh show we will be having a pre-party at Dive Bar Raleigh on Friday Oct. 14th, with those bands announced soon as well. Once we put the site live for the events, tickets will also be handled by so it will be simple and easy to purchase in advance. Once we post the bands, the show will sell out quickly. Here is what you need to know though: 

Rumble in Barona - Sept 10th = Drag Racing, Vert Skating, Bikes, Rods, Bands
Rumble in Raleigh -  Oct 15th = Vert Skating, Bikes, Rods, Bands, Motorcycle build challenge

Rumble Fest - News page for Rumble in Barona and the Rumble In Raleigh