Friday, May 27, 2011

Maryland Death Fest - THIS WEEKEND

For those lucky enough to get up to Baltimore for the Maryland Death Fest there are quite a few bands that we would really dig seeing such as Exhorder, DropDead, Neurosis, Cathedral, Coroner, Corrosion Of Conformity, Nuclear Assault, Orange Goblin, Buzzoven, Ghost, Kylesa and Acid Witch. Hopefully we can get a full write up on the showcase from George of She Rides who also happens to play guitars in DropDead.

He already sent us a photo with the singer of Doom wearing an ANTiSEEN shirt so we know things are starting off great up on the Mason Dixon line.

If ya haven't heard George's other band DropDead, check'em out. Loud, quick bursts of adrenaline infused power violence for fans of punk, thrash and grind core.

Being that DropDead is an over the top assault of the senses, also check out some of the big grooves that only She Rides can provide

She Rides - Buy The Ticket by RustyKnuckles