Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ANTiSEEN and Hellbound Glory Keychains Now Shipping Worldwide

Keeping busy is something we tend to do quite well. The project board is forever being updated and the sketchbook is full of ideas for new things to create. Does this make us work long hours into the night with early morning rises? Why hells yes and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Huge shout out over to Mike over at TWT Motorcycle Parts for helping us get our new line of metal accessories off the ground. Without his help none of this would be possible. Thanks to all who have been placing orders. We have been severely backed up by the amount of orders coming in and products continue to sell out. If you are still waiting on a shipment, trust us, its coming. Thanks again to everyone for the continued support of all that is Rusty Knuckles and to all of the bands that we work with, we truly appreciate it.

Coming later this summer - Belts, Leather Tool Bags and more for your bike and even more band designs in the works.

Buy the Hellbound Glory - Keychain

Aluminum pieces are etched and ready for paint
Hellbound Glory keychains are painted, prepped and sanded down ready for keyrings
One of our many work benches which has now become the leather shop and manufacturing area for all of our accessories that are made up of leather or metal.
Hands down the meanest keychain made in the South East for the Boys From Brutalsville - ANTiSEEN
For all you Scumbag Country fans, Support Real Country Music artists such as Hellbound Glory
Jeff Clayton of ANTiSEEN says it best, Fuck All Yall

Don't forget about our Rusty Knuckles 12 Gauge Belt Loops as they have been a huge seller, you can buy them within our store, same as all of our other great products.

Rusty Knuckles 12 Gauge Belt Loop Keychain or for your Wallet Chain