Monday, May 21, 2012

BSA A5 Rickman Riding Video And Vintage Cycles TV

If ya haven't heard about the fellas and their well done videos over at Vintage Cycle TV, give'em a shot. Their focus is on vintage European bikes and maintaining them in high working order. Looking forward to see their site grow.

Link to Vintage Cycles TV

"This amazing and totally rare classic bike is piloted by its loving owner, Alex Sohn. He is a talented and agile rider, and he really pushed it to the limits a few times to entertain us here at Vintage Cycle TV. Thanks Alex! The Meat Wagon was being stunt driven by our own Guzzimoto, who is also Minister of Safety here at VCTV. You can see a couple shots of just how we get this kind of awesome footage mixed into this adrenaline-fueled video. Sawbone and Captain Axel are strapped in the back for this unbelievable hayride of sorts. Stay tuned, this is just the first of the material we will offer with this motorcycle, and we will have more riding and presentation of this amazing bike from Alex at his headquarters in exotic North Carolina. We here at Vintage Cycle TV wish to bring you the best material we can, and we feel we’ve really nailed it with this piece. We’re trying to provide that rush of riding to both those in the know, and others who maybe haven’t discovered it yet. This bike is an A65 two carb BSA 650cc Lightning engine, with some mystery internals as the engine has never been apart with only 9000 original miles!! It sounds very cammy, and it’s lithe and has huge forks for its day. Alex has slightly modified it with rearsets and clipons for riding purposes – LET THIS BIKE BE RIDDEN AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE RIDDEN!"

"So you have a vintage spoked wheel with a beautiful aluminum rim, and a round black piece of rubber, and need the two of them to get together so you can get back out on the road on your cool vintage ride. What do you do? Well, you could take the two of them to a modern motorcycle shop and have them throw that wheel up on the tire machine, rip that old piece of rubber off, stretch a new one on and head out the door… hoping it works and that your wheel wasn’t damaged."