Monday, May 28, 2012

Rory Kelly Featured In McDowell News

This past Saturday night, Rory Kelly had one hell of a cd release party for his debut album. We are going to let him recover for a few days after a string of shows around the big show on Saturday to get the full scope of the action that was had. 

Needless to say, big things are coming up this year for Rory Kelly and make sure you check out him out on Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse show happening on July 28th at Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, NC where they will be taking the stage with Antiseen and Flat Tires along with four wrestling matches. Oh yeah, that is going to be one rowdy event to be remembered for a long time to come. 

Rory Kelly will be one of the featured acts on the Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse

Get your copy of Rory Kelly's new album (Don't Shake My) Family Tree now
"Downtown Marion will be rocking Saturday night as local musician Rory Kelly and his band celebrate the release of their new compact disc.

In the past few years, Kelly has played guitar with Intethod and later with the Crank County Daredevils, an Asheville-based metal band. After that, he formed Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat. This band is comprised of the 29-year-old Kelly on lead guitar, his father Mike Kelly on drums and Billy Miller on bass guitar. Kelly also plays at Main Street Pub & Deli in downtown Marion, where he hosts acoustic guitar jams.

Last year, Kelly and his band were picked up by Rusty Knuckles, an independent music and merchandise label. The label works with such groups as the Crank County Daredevils, Flat Tires, Hellbound Glory, Antiseen and The Green Lady Killers.

“The summer of 2011 brought more recognition to Rory Kelly as they were thrust into and embraced by the Southern biker circuit and a permanent bass player joined their ranks,” reads the website for Rusty Knuckles. “Billy Miller, also a seasoned musician from touring gigs with Voodou and Super Sport, brought the final element needed to round out this dirty rock 'n' roll trio, forming a mercurial rhythm section with the elder Kelly to compliment the smoldering swagger of Rory Kelly's rock riffs.
“The addition of Miller has brought a new dynamic into the band and, with that, an ever evolving definition of what Southern Rock means to Rory Kelly and how they intend to translate that to their followers.”

After months of work, Kelly and his band are celebrating the release of their new CD, “(Don’t Shake My) Family Tree,” to worldwide distribution on the Rusty Knuckles label. The 12-song album came out on Tuesday and the official release party will be held Saturday night at Main Street Pub & Deli. 

The show starts at 9 p.m. and there will be no cover charge. The group 21st Century Goliath will be the special guest along with Kelly, his dad and Miller.

“I am really fired up about it,” said Kelly to The McDowell News.

(Click here to watch the music video of ("Don't Shake) My Family Tree")

The new CD will be sold for only $10 at the party. Free gifts will be given to anyone who buys a CD or T-shirt. After 100 copies of the new album are sold, a raffle will be held with a neon beer sign as the prize. If 200 copies are sold, a raffle will be held for a $50 tab at the pub, according to Kelly’s Facebook page.

“We’ll make sure they get taken care of that night,” said Kelly of his fans.

“(Don’t Shake My) Family Tree” was a collective effort by Kelly, his dad and Miller. The band wrote all of the songs, which contain elements of Southern rock and heavy metal.

“As a band, everybody’s role is vital,” said Kelly.

Kelly did the mixing and the engineering for the recording of the album. Musician and radio host Steve Blanton oversaw the mastering. Rusty Knuckles did the design and photography for the cover. In addition to being released on compact disc, the new album will be released on vinyl as well, he said.

Kelly and his band will do a show in Asheville tonight and another show on Sunday in Anderson, S.C.But they made sure to do their official CD release party for Saturday night in Marion.

“I am excited about getting this thing ready to roll,” said Kelly to The McDowell News. “A lot of people expected us to do the CD release party in Asheville but Asheville is not my hometown.”

To support this new release, Kelly and his band will do a tour of the East Coast this summer with a European tour to follow. They are scheduled to play Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium from September through the first of December. This will mark Kelly’s first tour of Europe as the leader.

“They already have a tour bus set up for us,” he said. “We are hoping this album takes off.”
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