Friday, May 4, 2012

Reno Divorce - European Tour 2012

The fellas are playing stages far and wide for their three week trek across the pond. One of the big highlights was playing to over 2000 folks in downtown Berlin. Here is some info coming in from the fellas over on their news section of


"It's hard at times to truly be able to give fans and family a good perspective of life on the road unless you have been out here with us.  I know that most of you live from a perspective of, those guys are just on one big long vacation of endless parties countless adoring fans and an imaginary road crew that travels with us so that we just walk out on to the good as that sounds it is very far from the norm...we work extremely hard out here with no days off most of the time, all in the hope that more than 25 people will show up to the club that night to enjoy the show along with buying up some merch so that we will have enough gas to get down the road to the next city.  The shows in the Czech Republic were ones that I thought would be some of the biggest, but in the end turned out a little light, which manly has to do with promotion and the fact that we played on the same night as one of their favorite holidays, but a HUGE thanks goes out to all the adoring CZ fans that came out those nights to watch us.  Now please, do not take from this that i'm complaining at all, as a band we have done things that most bands back home would beg to do, but at times I fill my head with doubt and wonder if the hours and hours that I have spent away from my, our, families and friends is paying off.....then we are treated to the show we had in BERLIN!!!

Reno Divorce at Kuz Kreuz in Germany
Strolling through Dresden, Germany
We did not expect this show to be as big as it was.  A few years ago we were fortunate enough to be asked to play at the With Full Force Festival, which a band at our level was very lucky to play, we performed in front of more than 3000 out of control german fans, which thus far has been the highlight of our careers.  Now the show in Berlin I predicted at best would be a small festival where we played on the grass underneath a tent....I couldn't have been more wrong.  We were set up on a mobile stage right in the middle of downtown Berlin where I'm guessing at least 2000 watched and more than 6 to 8000 people passed by as we played.  "Mayday" in Berlin in like nothing I have experienced.  We saw at least 60 to 80 police vans and 500 or more cops dressed in full riot was fucking insane.  See what I mean....the turn around.

The gig that was played here in Zlotow, PL at the Generator club was rad!!  This is a town that we have never played before and had no idea how it would turn out....Thank you to all the new fans that came out and to the hospitality of the promoter and his crew. I can only hope that the pictures come out showing the crowd at different times during the show lifting Brent and I up to crowd surf while we were still playing come out, that was a first for both of us.  Now, I'm not saying that while this was happening my guitar playing was any good but I did give it my all and was praying that they weren't going to drop me on my head.  This is an area without a doubt that we want and will come back to.

So tonight we are off to Warsaw and without jinxing anything I only see blue skies ahead"

Timmy giving the horns on some downtime backstage on the road in Europe

Reno Divorce catching up on all things promotions and email on the road in Europe

Timmy, Brent, Reuben and Tye of Reno Divorce

"So the first time we were in Italy was over 2 1/2 years ago, when we played only one date while on tour with the US Bombs...So the first 5 dates of the tour (aside from the first one in Timelkam) started in Italy.  

The first question I had was answered extremely quickly, "Will the Italian's coffee reputation hold up?"  Oh my GOD, it surpassed all my expectations and the best part was the price.  It was much cheaper than we normally pay at home.  Now the bad news is that I'm going to have to go back on regular coffee which before was very enjoyable but now fails in comparison to it's Italian counterpart.

Reuben, Timmy and Tye of Reno Divorce at the Coliseum in ancient Rome

Tye, Reuben and Timmy of Reno Divorce at the Coliseum in ancient Rome
We want to give a huge thank you to all the fans that came out to these first 5 shows.  Playing during the week is usually hit and miss anyway, but everything ran very smooth and being able to have a little bit of time to visit the Colosseum in Rome was also a huge treat.  There are so many things that the band would like to have time to stop and check out but when you have 5 and 6 hour drives everyday it normally just isn't possible.  

The first gig was in Kaltern which is actually a german speaking region, day 2 in Massa, day 3 in Rome, day 4 in Montecchio, and the final day in Rho/ Milan.  All of the promoters treated us with tons of respect and are looking forward to the next time we come back.  We also were very fortunate to make friends with a band that has been touring Europe for a while....THE MAHONES!!  This is a great band and just a wonderful group of people to hang out with.  At last years Sjock festival in Holland we only talked with them briefly before they hit the stage, so this was a cool opportunity to be able to play a few shows with them.  I know that from our end, we would be more than happy to be able to do more shows with Finny, his wife Katie and the rest of the boys!!!  Thanks guys

Food to go in Italy, small salad of Mozzarella and tomatoes
Fans in Italy were stoked to see the band
Italy brought an amazing welcome reception to Reno Divorce
Another great highlight of these shows was the gig in Montecchio in which we played a show with the legendary punk band 7 Seconds.  Kevin and the guys could not have been nicer to us and we are really looking forward to our gig with them tomorrow in Fulda.  Most of their set consists of their earlier music from the first two albums....Lots of energy and a pleasure to watch..

To close out, our close friend Doug who is here with us to help out with the merch is still here and the good news is that he made it past the first week without taking the first plane back to the States.  We win....anyway look for another tour update in a few days...... L8R

Reno Divorce at Kutna Hora
Reno Divorce after their show in the Czech republic