Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Equals Brujeria

With mucho Tequila and Tecate being drunk world wide today, we had to unleash the Chupacabra of Mexicano Metal and put into perspective what a great band Brujeria is and to get down to the true history of Cinco De Mayo. History is doomed to repeat itself unless you know the truth. So get your facts straight and learn from the start what the real storyline is.

"Literally "the Fifth of May," Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican Holiday celebrating the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1862. In 1861, France sent a massive army to invade Mexico, as they wanted to collect on some war debts. The French army was much larger, better trained and equipped than the Mexicans struggling to defend the road to Mexico City. It rolled through Mexico until it reached Puebla, where the Mexicans made a valiant stand, and, against all logic, won a huge victory. It was short-lived, as the French army regrouped and continued; eventually taking Mexico City, but the euphoria of an unlikely victory against overwhelming odds is remembered every May fifth.

Mexico celebrates its independence on September 16, because it was on that day in 1810 that Father Miguel Hidalgo took to his pulpit in the village church of the town of Dolores and invited his flock to take up arms and join him in overthrowing Spanish tyranny. Independence Day is a very important holiday in Mexico and not to be confused with Cinco de Mayo." -  from

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