Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hellbound Glory Featured On KidRock.com

We think it only seems natural now for Hellbound Glory to start taking over every dive, club, bar, honky tonk, venue, concert hall, stadium and most of all everyone's mindset that wants to hear Real Country Music. This won't happen just through touring constantly, but through great affiliations, with someone such as Kid Rock and other bands that are forward thinking and get the big picture. It is getting harder and harder to get on big tours as the competition is fierce and many don't want to be shown up by a band such as Hellbound Glory. So do them a favor and just step out of the way.

Kid Rock and Leroy of Hellbound Glory
Here is a band in which Pandora shunned plays on the first go around, numerous booking agencies have been indecisive on and yet the fans are coming out in droves. Take a good hard look at the future of Real Country Music, their name is Hellbound Glory.

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Hellbound Glory is featured on Kid Rock's site

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