Friday, May 11, 2012

Flat Tires Will Destroy The Big Mountain Run

That's right, we are predicting it across the world wide channel of all that is great in the realm of motorcycles, rock n' roll and good times. The Flat Tires are going to flat out destroy the stage, crowd, cases of beer, the country side, mindsets and yeah, ahem, what he said  at the Big Mountain Run.

Most of all, the Flat Tires are going to prove that they are best damned Punk Rock band working today. Hell, we don't even tend to think of it as punk rock, as that connotation is so over used. So chew on this and think on their sound. The Flat Tires are straight up Juke Joint Rock N' Roll Villains. Now that you have heard the best way to describe their fire brand of a sound, pay attention to the track in this here video to promote Cycle Source's Big Mountain Run and get your asses on the bikes and get out to the hills, for this is a run not to miss.

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