Sunday, May 13, 2012

1975 TZ750 Yamaha Pro DAYTONA 200 - With Race History

How often do you find yourself just too damn busy and think that, what if ya just had a spare bike for some weekend riding, that was eye catching and most of all, already running? Yep, been down this road numerous times and thus our constant looking for new bikes to satisfy our craving lust for all things on two wheels with a motor.

You are in luck if ya also want a bike with a solid racing history and back story. Have a gander at this killer Yamaha TZ750 that was a competitor in Daytona during races in 1976 & 77. Bid on it now.

1975 TZ750 Yamaha Pro DAYTONA 200 - With Race History
"This Known History TZ750 was built/modified back in the mid 1970's to be a top contender at Daytona, and was raced successfully in the 1976 & 1977 Daytona 200 by pro rider Cory Ruppelt. He finished in the money on this bike in 1976 being on one of the few monoshock TZ750's entered; only Factory works OW's and several privately modified bikes were mono equipped; production 750's were only offered as twin-shock until 1977. Cory was a top professional-class non-factory rider, competing in 5 Daytona 200 races in his career.

As built by Ruppelt to his personal standards, this was a top contender bike during the reign of the all conquering TZ750 series. This unique machine was raced by Cory through 1977, sold to a local club racer until being retired in 1979, then hidden away in a private collection until being resurrected in 2009. Bike #152 in the 2nd photo is this TZ750 on grid during the1977 Daytona 200; Cory is the blond haired rider in white leathers, obscured behind the rider with Damon on his sleeve; a few keen observers have ID'd several other famous riders and tuners in the picture: Photo courtesy of the Jack Middleburg memorial site. Check out the Daytona 200 info & pics at

1975 TZ750 Yamaha Pro DAYTONA 200 - With Race History
C&J built 4 of these exclusive and highly desirable TZ750 frames for Erv Kanemoto in the 70's; they were ridden by Gary Nixon, Freddie Spencer, and Gary Fischer. This is the 5th of 5 total TZ750 C&J road race frames ever constructed. C&J was one of the most highly regarded race winning builders, known for quality design and engineering, both on tarmac and in flat track competition. The location of all 5 TZ750 frames is known to this day, being owned and preserved by top TZ collectors and enthusiasts. The C&J frames have always held a premium, and are considered among the most collectable, valuable, and rideable historic vintage chassis both then and now.  

Except for the Marvic magnesium wheels with Lockheed calipers, the Vesco fairing, and period USA Mack silenced chambers (not the Mac most are familiar with, Mack was a professional race-pipe designer/builder in the 1970's based in Cali), the rest of the bike is basically a 1975 TZ750B. The motor and monoshock service is recent, forks rebuilt, and the race compound Dunlops and RK racing chain are new; the Marvics were stripped, crack tested and repainted in 2010.

1975 TZ750 Yamaha Pro DAYTONA 200 - With Race History, left profile

1975 TZ750 Yamaha Pro DAYTONA 200 - With Race History, front left fork profile
The bodywork paint is "as-raced circa 1978" and still in exceptional condition for being 34 years old. The Vesco fairing does not match the one in the Daytona picture - in 1978 the bike went down and the Daytona fairing was ruined. The original  tank, seat, and replacement Vesco fairing were painted in fine tradition of the era: Kenny Roberts / Team Yamaha Yellow with Black and White block graphics. The left cylinder expansion chamber was also repaired. The bike saw much more racing with the KR scheme, and there are the expected rock chips and some cornering rash present. The number plate areas have been color changed from white for CRA rules, and there are small patched holes for token lights that were required to pass tech inspection for an endurance race the bike was ridden in during the 1979 season (not for a street, this bike has always been a dedicated racer and is not titled).

The engine cases are clean, with no cracks, repairs or damage from mechanical failure; race wear is present. The motor has approximately 100 miles since a full rebuild. The original metal intake reeds have been replaced with Boysen fibers. The stock chrome-bore cylinders are still very nice! All recent work done by a professional factory trained mechanic with over 20 years experience. The frame has no cracks or repairs, and has the original finish. There is currently a 1978 Yamaha XS11 master cylinder installed for racing. The correct stock front master cylinder in need of a re-sleeve will be supplied at acquisition.There are no other spares included except a new set of piston rings, but many engine rebuild parts are currently available through dedicated suppliers around the world at bearable prices. Some core parts are still available through Yamaha.

1975 TZ750 Yamaha with cases opened to reveal inline 4 cylinder power plant

1975 TZ750 Yamaha frame on tear down
This is one of the best handling TZ750's built, and is a stable solid ride that could be put into "race ready" condition with a full prep as it has not been ridden in 3 years. Neither the frame nor engine have numbers, and are original to the machine. Guaranteed authentic (the information presented is deemed accurate and to the best of the sellers knowledge through reliable sources and publications), a full refund (less shipping - on site evaluation recommended) will be given pending a buyer's side inspection and acceptance; the bike must be returned un-ridden, in the same condition as released, with reimbursement defined by prior mutual agreement.

For further information, please send a message and the owner will respond with a phone number and details. The bike is sold 'as is, where is,' with creative payment and shipping terms optional, dependent on geographics pertinent to the sale. This race bike is USED; do not assume it to be restored in any way beyond items mentioned in this listing. Thanks for looking!"

1975 TZ750 Yamaha Pro DAYTONA 200 - With Race History, rear profile