Monday, June 25, 2012

Aaron Rogers, Billy Don Burns and Waylon Jennings Are All Linked...

In a matter of weeks, Billy Don Burns new studio album will be hitting the shelves and playlists world wide. There is also a key ingredient to this album, who has been an unsung hero and worked with Billy Don on the album over quite a period of time and who is also appearing on the upcoming posthumous Waylon Jennings album. Folks, if ya haven't heard the name of Aaron Rodgers, well remember it now.

Aaron is a guitar pickin' and slingin' magician along with one hell of a producer and engineer in the studio. Oh yeah, he is a stand up individual more importantly. Don't let us try to convince ya though, even Billy Don wrote a song about him that will be on the album.

Along with Billy Don's album he also was played guitar on the new Waylon Jennings record that was recorded right before he passed on, with greats such as Reggie Young, Richie Albright and Tony Joe White. With his body of work and reputation growing like gang busters, Aaron Rodgers will surely become a beacon of light in Real Country Music. A few major new projects are in the works with Aaron and we will keep ya posted on whats being cooked up.

Aaron  Rodgers plays guitar on the new Waylon Jennings album due out in September

"A new album from outlaw country legend Waylon Jennings will be released this September, filled with recordings the icon made during the last few years before his death in 2002. Jennings spent hours in a recording studio with his longtime accompanist, Robby Turner and together they laid down twelve tracks using just Waylon’s guitar and vocals and Turner’s bass.  All songs were personally selected by the country star, ones that resonated in a deeply personal way and reflected his state of mind, his passions, and important statements he wanted to make about his life.  The duo planned out the future instrumentation that would be added to the tracks, but Jennings was never able to complete them.

10 years after his passing, Turner returned to the recordings, finishing each song to honor Waylon’s vision of what would turn out to be his very last album.  Bringing in musicians who had long worked with Waylon, such as Reggie Young, Richie Albright and tour mate Tony Joe White, Turner painstakingly created the album that Waylon set out to make.  "Waylon knows he's surrounded by friends and all that hear this will feel as if they know Waylon in all his authenticity," explains his widow, country singer Jessi Colter.  With his family’s blessing,Goin’ Down Rockin’: The Last Recordings of Waylon Jennings will be available on September 11 (Saguaro Road Records).  No one has ever heard these performances before; they are Waylon’s last gift to his fans.

Jennings wrote 11 of the 12 songs that appear on the new album, a testament to the personal nature of the recordings, and they reveal an artist in the midst of a final creative peak.  In addition to his own songs, the album includes Tony Joe White’s “Goin’ Down Rockin’” (on which White himself is a guest). In all, the album will feature eleven songs that have never been released before."

Goin' Down Rockin' - The Last Recordings of Waylon Jennings Tracklist:

1. Goin' Down Rockin (Featuring Tony Joe White)
2. Belle Of The Ball
3. If My Harley Was Runnin'
4. I Do Believe
5. Friends In California
6. The Ways of the World
7. Shakin' The Blues
8. Never Say Die
9. Wasting Time
10. Sad Songs & Waltzes
11. She Was No Good For Me
12. Wrong Road To Nashville

Produced by Waylon Jennings and Robby Turner, and to be relased through Saguaro Road Records.