Monday, June 11, 2012

Flat Top Frames With Style For Miles

It's quite enjoyable to see so many bike styles ebb and flow in and out of popularity. The arguments over what is cool and what is the best motor are just par for course. At the end of the day what we care most about is ridability. We couldn't give a rat's ass on whether or not something is period correct or having just the right underground builder signature part and being able to talk on it in the right circles. That is just damn boring, pointless and the shitty effect of the hipsters, that invaded motorcycle culture.

We are all over the maps with the bikes we enjoy riding whether it be dirt bikes, to our long mile marathoner in our Dyna or a race bike, two wheels up is our driving force. A particular bike design that has been really catching on though, is the flat top frame style of the Cafe Racer movement. The frame geometry is helping to morph a style of design and ergonomic riding position that is aimed directly at the rider and experiencing the road. It could be for the highway or the back country twists and turns, but no doubt about it, these bikes are meant to be ridden and yet highly customized.

Shinya Kimura custom Sportster with solid riding setup in mind
Drixton frame created by Marly Drixyl in 1968
Fritz Egli frame with a Honda 750 motor
Fritz Egli frame with a 1952 Norton Vincent Lightning motor
Classified Moto XS750 custom Yamaha
1979 Honda CB650 rebuilt inhouse here at Rusty Knuckles