Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Fellow Biker Needs Our Help...

A Fellow Biker Needs Your Help, not just any biker, but one with a great attitude, amazing personality and some incredible skills behind the camera lens. We are talking on Debbie Fitch and the great work she has produced as an independent photographer.

Debbie was recently involved in a high speed wreck on the highways around Baltimore and her bike and camera were destroyed in the process. Not only is she glued to a hospital bed at University of Maryland Medical Center, but she is also out of work for at least three to five months. Being an independent photographer, there is no work to fall back on for support.

I ask all you brethren of the road and those in a healthy state, please contribute a few bucks to help a good cause. Lowside Magazine is offering up tshirts for sale in support for $20 with all the money going to Debbie or you can also contribute directly to the cause on the link below. It doesn't matter what you give or even if you leave a name, just pay it forward.

Debbie Fitch needs our help
Speed Debbie Fitch's road to recovery with a donation to help with medical bills

Check out more of Debbie's great photography work

Some buddies of ours from Philadelphia on the Gypsy Run in the North East - © Debbie Fitch Photography
Clint from the Flat Tires - - © Debbie Fitch Photography
Sexy lady and a bike, what else ya need? - © Debbie Fitch Photography
Dave from Philly - © Debbie Fitch Photography
Early 50's Chevy Truck - © Debbie Fitch Photography
The one and only Jesse James doing what he does best - © Debbie Fitch Photography
Tim from Lowside Magazine at high speed - © Debbie Fitch Photography
Sexy boots and a shovelhead equals good times - © Debbie Fitch Photography