Saturday, June 2, 2012

Flat Tires Featured In Latest Episodes of Cafe Racer TV

Cafe Racer TV has been an amazing series so far. From the different types of builds to the varying characters finding new angles and ideas to create killer machines, the show is just damn cool. One of the best aspects in our minds overall though is how down to earth everyone appears to be. Ego is abundant anywhere and everywhere, but the show has done such a great job of really honing in on the distinct personalities of the builders, creating a timeless series. Huge congrats to all of those involved to make the show happen and we are even more proud of the fact that Flat Tires and Reno Divorce have both had music featured in the series.

While they are airing currently, do your best to check out Season 3 episodes 11 and 12 and hear some music from the Flat Tires while Stan Lipert is racing his vintage Honda 350.

Cafe Racer TV - Season 3, features music from the Flat Tires