Monday, June 25, 2012

The Horse Smokeout 2012

Another Smokeout has come to pass and more good times and memories were made. One aspect of the show that we always enjoy the most is running into a plethora of friends from around the country. The show is always full of amazing bike builds and the party goes on for multiple days.

We have a few gripes though and they are easy fixes. With the amount of money and mass of folks that show up, why can they not get better bands as they have in the past. The last few years have been a joke for music. Why have an AC/DC cover band on a Saturday night, when they could easily afford many other bands playing original music that would go over huge and actually pull more folks in for the event. If they want to grow the event, they need to really think over what bands they are hiring for the main stage.

Another issue that didn't sit too well with us is if you see someone shooting photos of a bike that has setup a shot, don't try to side bust the photo and claim that since you work for a magazine that you can just get by with it. Be cool and ask the individual who owns the bike, if you can get some shots as well. Have some damn manners and artistic integrity with your work, will take ya much further for the long haul.

Flounder's Honda 750 Chopper
America As Fuck sticker on a Panhead
Eric and Randy's swingarm Shovelheads
Rob and Wes loungin' at the Justified Defiance booth
Killer FXR that was way too trick to capture in just one photo