Thursday, June 14, 2012

ANTiSEEN's Falls Count Anywhere Will Debut At The Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse On July 28th

Did you ever consider to think that it was no coincidence, that we were putting on the Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse and that the mighty ANTiSEEN could be puting out a release centered around a wrestling theme? Well dear friends, you are the first to see it in the here and now. Below is the cover and track listing for one of the best batch of songs from the fellas and damn if they aren't firing on all cylinders. Just have a look at this track listing and the cover. 

Falls Count Anywhere will be coming out on July 10th worldwide and most of all through Rusty Knuckles Music. Be prepared for the best ring music to ever take over the squared circle.

Get your copy of Falls Count Anywhere now

Also, below the album cover, get all the info for the Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse. Click on the ad link to the right to get your tickets now, before they sell out.

1.EXPLODING BARBED WIRE DEATH MATCH - A tribute to the over the top hard core style of Japanese Wrestling.
2. INVADER ONE MUST DIE - a cover of a tune from long time pals COCKNOOSE about Jose Gonzalez who murdered wrestling great BRUISER BRODY in Puerto Rico.
3. The MYSTERIOUS GREEN MIST - a tribute to the Great Kabuki & The Great Muta and their secret weapon of choice!!!!
4. FROM PARTS UNKNOWN - a tribute to the masked men of Professional Wrestling.
5. SABU - a tribute to the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, human highlight reel!
6. FUNK U - a tribute to the hardcore icon, the living legend, TERRY FUNK!
7. DEAR ABBY - a tribute to the Madamn from the Sudan, ABDULLAH THE BUTCHER!
8. CACTUS JACK - a tribute to the man who's name is synonymous with HARDCORE...before the socks and tie dye shirts...MICK FOLEY
9.BABY FACE KILLER - a tribute to ALL wrestling HEELS!!!!
10.* BADSTREET USA - Not a tribute to Atlanta, GA but to it's favorite sons THE FABULOUS FREEBIRDS with a cover of the song made famous by the leader of the greatest triple tag team in Wrestling history!!!!

ANTiSEEN - Falls Count Anywhere, A collection of Wrestling Songs. Available July 10th
For months now we have been working on the details for a new type of showcase with a few of the bands we work with. It all started to come to shape with the new collection of songs being put together for the first time by the legendary ANTiSEEN. This collection puts all of their wrestling songs onto one amazing cd entitled Falls Count Anywhere.

Knowing the amount of interest the album was going to have, the one and only Jeff Clayton and I came together to work on ideas to help promote the album due out on July 10th world wide. One of the biggest ideas we had was to put on one hell of a show and due it in the right way to show bad ass these songs were going to be in one collection. After making the rounds, checking our rolodexes and looking at tour schedules we decided to put on one of the baddest Rock N' Rassle events that we could think of.

Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse will take place on July 28th at the Tremont in Charlotte, NC. Below is a link to buy tickets and be prepared hombre's as the assault is about to begin. Prepare for videos, matches and indepth interviews with the rassler's and bands taking part of this soon to be legendary event.

Rusty Knuckles Presents: Rock N' Rassle Apocalypse Featuring ANTiSEEN, Necro Butcher and more....