Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ghost... Hipster Metal Or The Real Deal?

The mysterious melodic sounds of the band Ghost have been making their rounds for a couple of years now. Their approach to subject matter normally being screamed and running parallel to blast beats and stinging guitars, is what has helped to launch them onto an international level.

Are they serious in their approach? Damn right they are. Is their melody refreshing? Well that is up to the listener, but its decidedly different and a fresh approach on tired material. We have been toeing the line on these guys as their melody isn't quite our flavor of soup, but we respect it for sure. For us when it comes to Black Metal, we want it raw and rowdy and with the punk ethos that brought it to the masses. Let Immortal, show us the dark path in their video below...

Ghost rockin' the stage at Roskilde Fest in Europe